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Re: [IP] snickers bar

>At 10:06 PM 8/22/03, you wrote:
>>Only it also says "14 grams fat", so I put about 15 grams of the carbs on
>>extended bolus
>>  over 1.5-2 hours. You've got to figure in that chocolate somehow! 
>>;>) {snicker}
>>George   :>o
>That's great if you have a pump that has the extended bolus feature 
>on it.  Mine does not.
>RoseLea ----------------------------------------------------------

Sure it does!   Remember, I used to wear the H-trons also.  So all 
you have to do is program the memory unit between the ears and every 
30 minutes bolus 5 units, or if you are going 2 full hours, bolus 4 
units then 3 on the last bolus.  Of course you'll have to work out 
different figures if you're not on a 1 for 10 scale like me.  YMMV.

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