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Don't feel bad. You are not alone. My daughter was playing around with her 
grandmother Thursday (which happened to be the day she had just gotten her 
replacement pump) and her line got hung on her grandmothers foot and pulled 
her site completely out.  She was bleeding a little bit from the site 
because it was pulled out so quickly.  But she still loves her pump and says 
she will have to stop playing with her grandma like that.

Renita-Pumper Mom in NC

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>Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 20:41:55 EDT
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>I sat down in my lawn chair the other day and broke my belt clip for the
>  MM508. BG was low, of course. As a result, I have been wearing the pump 
>the line hanging out.   The very nixt day, I caught the line on the handle 
>one of the kitchen cabinets.   It pulled the line right out of the site.   
>  have taken all the handles out of the kitchen cabinets, well, the ones 
>below my
>waist and every thing is AOK now.   Small price to pay for the convenience 
>the pump, but neverthe less, a CON.   I love the pump!!
>Good Old Murphy's Law at work!
>Jim Durr, retired kindergarten teacher, 60 miles south of Ottawa on the St.
>Lawrence River in Ogdensburg, NY
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