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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm 512 Upgrade

> I received my 511 the end of March and started pumping 5/5.
> $450.00 seems a bit expensive for the upgrade. Seems like MiniMed should
> to keep their current customers happy instead of looking to gain new
> customers. (especially those considering the Cozmo)

Some MM pumpers may want to hold on to their hats anyways. After a meeting
with the area MM rep yesterday, looks like they will come out with a pump in
'04 that has the larger reservoir. In fact, they are going to be
"aggressive" and put out at least one new product each year (not nec.
pumps); they have two, maybe even three for 2004.

Also, the implanted pump is being field tested right now for FDA approval.
Yes, there some people walking around the U.S. right now with a pump and a
sensor implanted. They bring them into the hospital every three months for a
48-hour stay and download the data. Their holy grail, he says, is the
artificial pancreas (and duh, I'm thinking a cure???).

Rep gave a demo of the 512 radio frequency pump/meter pair. Cool, but worth
$450? I am actually more interested in getting the .05 bolus increment.

Factcheckers out there, please do your thing, as I didn't take notes....

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