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I read with interest the article by Jan Chait in the August 2003 issue of
Diabetes Interview (pp54-56) about her experience in adjusting her basals
using the Minimed CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System).  I want to
find out which doctors in my area use it.  (I called my endo's office and
they said they don't use it any more.)  I tried the on-line link she
suggested, but it doesn't seem to be available yet so I called the Minimed
number she listed and the Minimed person I spoke with was clueless.  The
first person had never heard of the CGMS and the second said they had no
information on where it might be available.  I might have been successful in
finding someone there if I had been willing to keep calling back until I had
run through all their customer service reps, but figured someone of this
list might know how to find out which docs in Southern California (or any
other area for that matter) might be using the CGMS.


(dx 1956 at age 12; pumping since 1981)
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