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[IP] Re: HBA1c

My last A1c prior to pump was a 7.1.  My latest A1c on the pump was a 7.2.  :-)

Well, that doesn't sound good...but here is a better story:

My lowest A1c prior to pumping was 6.9.  My lowest after pumping was 6.0.  My 
 next was 6.7. Now I'm at 7.2. But, the 7.2 is actually, sort of, on purpose.
I was losing weight once I started pumping, and I wanted to gain some weight 
back.  So, I was purposely eating a lot more food to gain weight.  This also 
resulted in a lot less accurate carb counts.

My primary reason for switching to the pump, however, was NOT to lower my A1c 
dramatically, since I was hovering about 7.1 on MDI...it was to reduce the 
 frequency and degree of hypos. I was experiencing hypos daily, and those hypos
were frequently in the 50  range.  After switching to the pump, however, I 
still have relatively frequent hypos, but MOST of the time they are in the 
60's, and now I have them rarely in the 50's.  Also, since I gained back the 
 weight I lost plus some, I have returned to my ordinary diet, which will likely
result in my A1c dropping into the sixes again.

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