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Re: [IP] Site question...

 If you look at the Quickset, there is actually thing pressing against your skin
immediately around the cannula.  It is "open".  The little raise ring you are 
seeing is likely just an "impression" as a result of this.  Since there is 
 nothing pressing on the skin there, it can "raise" compared to the skin that is
under the tape.  

To illustrate, imagine taking a large washer and pushing it against your skin 
for a minute.  WHen you pull it off, you will see a circular, raised ring in 
the middle where there was no metal from the washer pressing against your skin.

 As far as the area being slightly hard, I notice that from time to time, and it
appears to have no affect on insulin absorption.  I think it just depends on 
how deeply the cannula goes, and the type of flesh there (more fatty versus 
less fatty areas).  

Basically, it doesn't sound like a problem at all.  


>The only real problem (knock on wood!!!) that I've had so far is that the 
>second site that I put in (on the left side of my stomach) had this raised, 
>kind of hard place around where the cannula went in that I noticed when I 
>changed sites.  
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