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[IP] Help me!!!-- Gushing blood from infusion sets.

Hey Everyone,

 I have been having terrible problems with Comfort infusion sets. I was curious
how most of you inserted infusion sets. Do you put ALL the tape backing down
before pulling the needle out of the canula, or do you apply the front tape,
pull the needle out, and then stick on the back taping to your site?

 I have been pulling canulas out and all of a sudden GUSHING blood. Two times
now, it looks like I've been shot. I pull out the canula and all of a sudden, my
clothes are immediately soaked in blood. This is TOTALLY bizarre, and it's
freaking me out. I don't think it's a coincidence, but from both of the sites I
gushed blood from, I pulled the needle out of the canula before I had applied
the back taping to my skin, I only had the front tape of the infusion set on my
skin...just because I read this is how you're supposed to do it. Previously, I
had stuck the entire taping down before removing the needle. Has anyone had
similar problems, or have any recommendations??

 Also, is it normal for kinks to occur in the canula? I ALWAYS have kinks after
pulling the canula out!

Thanks for the help- I need it!


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