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[IP] Update and A1c Now test

I guess I haven't been around much.  The truth is, I'm just too busy to read
all the emails.  But I thought I would mention a couple of things.

One -- my new Cozmo.  You may recall that I was anxious to get it before my
insurance change on June 1.  I went out of town at the end of May, and I think
my husband signed for it on the 28th.  I got hooked up on it on May 31.  In
addition to appreciating the reminders to check my blood sugar and change my
site, I *especially* value the ability to adjust my basals by a percentage.

I know all the pumps other than MM offer this, but it is something I've never
had.  My insulin needs went on an upswing a month or so after I got it, and
the percentage change helped me figure out how much I needed to increase my
basals.  I could do a temporary rate for a while at a percentage, observe my
blood sugars, and then adjust my regular rates accordingly.  Had I gotten the
Paradigm, as my endo's office encouraged, I think it would have been harder to
figure out.

(I know I *should* have done fasting basal checks, and I used to have no
problem doing them, but any more, with two small children to prepare food for
all day long, I don't have the self discipline to do it.)

Anyway, I find that since I finally got my basals readjusted, thanks to the
percentage temporary rates, and because I am checking my blood sugar more
often, my readings are more stable now than they've been for a long time.  The
change in pumps was definitely the right one for me.

Anyway, I meant to write this message mostly regarding the A1c Now test by
Metrika.  I bought one and used it the day before my last appt. with my endo.
I got a 7.2 according to that test.  The next day at my appointment, I got a
lab test done, with the result of 6.1.  Technically, this is within the 20%
deviation allowed by the FDA for these tests, but it is a big enough
difference that I don't consider the results very helpful.  Of course, YMMV,
but I thought that my experience may be helpful for somebody wondering about
the test who hasn't tried it before.  Having taken it once, I don't think I'd
even consider using it instead of a lab test.  Again, YMMV.

One last update.  Some of you may remember how worked up I was about how my
endo's office strongly encouraged me to get the Paradigm.  My CDE, one of
their "pump nurses," basically told me I was making a mistake to consider any
other pump at all.  After stewing about it for a while, I sent a letter to my
endo, telling her that I didn't think that kind of thing was very
professional.  They were offered a demo Cozmo by the Deltec sales rep, for
example, and they sent it back and wouldn't talk to him about it any further.
That resulted in a couple of month delay in my getting a trial.

She responded to that letter at my last appointment.  She said that they (the
other endo working with pumps and herself, along with the two pump nurses) had
decided that because they couldn't become intimately familiar with all pumps,
and be able to offer technical help with every one on the market, they decided
to focus on one.  If patients like me wanted to go out on their own and get a
different one, they could, and they wouldn't stand in the way of that.  But if
we want technical help with it, we are on our own.  If I didn't like that,
there were other endos in the area working with insulin pumps.

I still find it maddening.  Every issue that I raised in the letter to her
still stands.  (One pump doesn't fit all, we are not children who foolishly
need guidance from our all-knowing medical professionals about which choice is
the right one, etc.)  And the argument about technical help strikes me as
ludicrous.  In thirteen years of insulin pump therapy, the thought of calling
my endo's office for technical help never so much as crossed my mind.  Help
with rates and dosing?  Yes, but not technical help on how my pump works or if
they think it is working right after an unusual alarm.  Every single time I've
had a question of that nature, I called the 800 number on the back of my pump.
I don't think my endo even found out about those technical questions I had.

Never the less, it seems like an overreaction to switch doctors at this point,
when I've settled on a pump to last for a minimum of four years, likely
longer.  By the time I replace it, policies there may have changed, you never
know.  But my letter made no difference at all; in fact, I found the response
insensitive and rather snotty!  I just hope they continue getting such
reactions from other people.  Hopefully one of them will make them think in a
way that I could not.

If you have a response that you want me personally to read, please send it to
me directly.  I'm so busy as fall begins with getting going on home schooling
my son (he's just starting kindergarten!) that I don't have time to read all
the messages here, as much as I'd like to.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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