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[IP] Stenosing Tenosynovitis ("Trigger Finger")

Hi Chance,

I had trigger finger in my left middle finger earlier this year. My doctor 
told me that there are 3 stages, and since mine wasn't clicking yet (just 
extremely painful to touch or bend), it was still in stage 1.

He gave me a cortisone shot, and in two days I had full movement and no pain 
in that finger. It was amazing. The shot was given in the palm area under 
the finger, and I had bruising and tenderness there for about a week. Today, 
that area looks "ropier" than it does on my other fingers. I sometimes still 
look at it surprised that it's not painful anymore. YMMV.

Try doing a search of the IP archives. I found alot of good information 
there. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Sheilagh Salvati
Diabetic 19 years, pumping 3 years

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