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Re: [IP] Guitar playing diabetics

I play guitar about 1 to 2 hours a day.  For the past
10 years I have only used the last 3 digits of my rt.
hand for testing...about 5-8 times per day.  I have
not had any soreness or trouble doing this.  I tried
the forearm and found that it hurt! :-(  You are right
in that there is no way I could use my left hand. 
First, the callouses are too much and second, I would
not want to risk having any pain in my fretting hand. 
Blessings and rock on!  Cynthia
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> I can hardly consider myself great and it is
> sometimes months before I pick
> up a guitar.  So, I am not speaking from recent
> experience.
> Some guitar playing will build calluses on your
> finger pads.  (remember the
> line in the Beatles, "Helter Skelter"?  "I've got
> blisters on my fingers!"
> But, BB King is diabetic and in fact is fronting a
> glucose monitor because
> he says it doesn't hurt and he will test more often
> if it doesn't hurt.
> I understand about the arm thing.  I've been
> diabetic for about 30 years now
> and think the same way about testing using a
> forearm.
> Good luck
> >
> > Any other guitarists out there?  Do you still do
> your
> > blood tests in your fingers?  I've heard of doing
> it
> > in the arm (where?), but that sounds wrong
> somehow...
> >
> > --Brian
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