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[IP] Site question, pumping is a many-splendored thing, and World's Best Hand/Foot Cream

I just started pumping on the 14th...whatta difference!! I feel like I did 
*before* I became diabetic--you really don't realize how badly you felt until 
you begin feeling better!!

The only real problem (knock on wood!!!) that I've had so far is that the 
second site that I put in (on the left side of my stomach) had this raised, 
kind of hard place around where the cannula went in that I noticed when I 
changed sites.  It hurt a little when I put it in, but didn't notice anything 
 different about it (absorption was fine, no irritation, etc). The swelling went
 down within the day and all you can see now is that there's still a tiny bit of
redness and there's a little ring around the tiny hole where the cannula went 
it. The first one didn't do that (on the right side of my tummy) and I don't 
think this current one will (right side, different place on the tummy). I'm on 
the 512 and am using the 9mm Quick-Sets--I'm not using any other adhesion, 
tape, etc because the sites stick quite well (I have to pull to get them to 
come off!)...anyone else had this happen?

Okay, last thing!!! Crabtree and Evelyn make this stuff called Hand Therapy. I 
worked at a Crabtree & Evelyn store a while ago and discovered it. I usually 
get the "Gardener's" but it comes in other flavours as well. The cream is the 
only thing that has actually softened my hands (and feet too!) It stays on 
remarkably well when you wash your hands. It's the only thing that has *ever* 
managed to soften my hands and feet...and it works even better when you use 
the "Hand Recovery"--it's a scrub with macadamia oil and stuff in it...
I'm very active (kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, caving, etc) and my 
hands and feet don't feel like I do construction anymore...and I don't have to 
set my finger-pricker as deep anymore, either!!

Prices (last time I checked) are as follows:
Gardener's Hand Therapy 50mL tube  $6.50
Gardener's Hand Therapy 100mL Tube $12.00
The Gargantuan Pump    200mL      $20.00

 The Hand Recovery (scrub) only comes in one size and I can't remember the exact
price...I think it's somewhere around 15.00

You can get the Hand Recovery and 100mL Hand Therapy together for $25.

If there's not a Crabtree near you, check out their website at 

Happy Friday, everyone!
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