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RE: [IP] I'm pumping...

 --- On Fri 08/22, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Fri, 22
Aug 2003 04:11:59 -0700Subject: RE: [IP] I'm pumping...Yep! Mirapex is a lovely
little drug, just makes me nervous that the on label usage is for Parkinson's.
 Kathleen, lot's of drugs get used offlabel....aspirin is one of them. it was
NEVER designed as a heart med but it's being used that way...to prevent heart
attacks. Neurontin, an antiseizure med which is used for the chronic pain of
neuropathy, was orignially designed for epilepsy. Topamax, another antiseizure
med, same thing PLUS has the bonus of taking off weight.
 Actually, RLS, PN and a most other nerve disorders have something in common
with Parkinson's and MS...the nerves are misfiring. The location of where it is
happening is different but the end result is the same. The nerves are misfiring
and going a bit spastic. Because of that, the anti seizure meds somehow work to
calm down those signals. Not all the meds work in everyone. My neuro wasn't sure
the Mirapex would work for me. The bonus side effect for me was that it is
keeping me OFF a bp medication. I was borderline high bp. And when the AMA
lowered the standard, I was pushed into the definite high bp. I would have been
put on one. But the Mirapex worked it's *miracle* side effect and my bp is
running 110/60 to 120/80 these days.
 Actually I am glad they ARE using anti seizure meds offlabel or I would be in a
world of hurt...LITERALLY!!!! LOL Liz

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