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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #479

I have played with the Cozmos software via a reps. Laptop and thought it
was pretty impressive.  How does the Animas software compare?  I know
you can use it on a Palm, but can you use it on a Compaq IPAQ?  Does the
Animas software require a certain Palm Pilot or can it be an old one?


Becky - Looking to go on the pump!

PS   I also teach software, but to clients!

        Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 17:21:15 -0700
From: <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Animas EasyManagerPlus

Well, I'm in love with a piece software.  Okay, the user interface is 
cluggy as all heck but it is similar to the user interface on the pump 
itself.  Once I started programming the pump, the interface made sense, 
but I STILL want to graffitti my numbers!

Now that this is out of my system.  And darn, I didn't tell today's 
trainer the whole truth.  What actually pushed me over the edge from 
Deltec to the Animas pump was the software.  Yeah, the Cozmos is cute, 
but the Palm/Desktop EasyManager software is something that I can use.

First, I was already hooked on the Palm, and really liked the Diabetes 
Pilot (and you can actually graffiti your numbers with it, plus edit 
the fooddata base).  So moving to Easy Manager wasn't hard.  I actually 
started playing with EasyManager before I went to the pump.

I'm not a paper person.  I lose paper.  (You should see the desk right 
now, in order NOT to lose paper, it has to stay on the desk, where it 
first appeared -- and even then it's chancy.)  So running around with a 
Palm pilot that I can backup on a regular basis (I have one of those 
fancy little cards I back up to + the desktop) is right for me.  Again, 
that pushed me over the edge.

I really love being able to hook the meters to the software (I use 
Freestyle) and I love the fact that the software works with several 
meters.  Here's the great news -- and one of those really weird, head 
scratching things.  Freestyle had sent me a new meter about a month ago 
and for a week, it wouldn't talk to the EasyManager.  For some weird 
reason, it started talking today.

And so now, the big question.  I've already spent $29.99 on the 
upgrade, and I think $89.99 for the Therasense software and cable.  Do 
I spring $159 for the IR port, and when?  Now, or wait a while.

Oh, and I asked for a red faceplate on the warranty card, so I'll have 
our school colors.

FYI:  I'm a computer science teacher, so loving software means 
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