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Re: [IP] Stenosing Tenosynovitis ("Trigger Finger")

I've had both treatments,if I had to do it again, I would go straight for
the surgery(because I let the first one go way too long!!!)  I've also had
frozen shoulder, and NOW ta-da carpal tunnel  !!!! but in answer to your
question,... sometimes the injections help, sometime they don't...but I had
the surgery about 10 years  ago and it hasn't reoccurred....but as
always,YMMV...best of luck to you!!!!!

Type 1 for 38 years...pumping for 8..I LOVE MY PUMP!!!!!!!
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> Hi Everyone,
> After going to the orthopaedic surgeon today, I was told that I have
> stenosing tenosynovitis or what is commonly known as "trigger finger".  I
> have it in my thumb on my left hand.  I have the opitions of having
> injections to try and relieve the situation or have a small surgery to
> release the thickening around the thumb joint and tendon.  Has anyone on
> list had this and if so, did you have the injections or surgery?  What was
> the outcome, how was the procedure and how is the finger now?
> I'm trying to decide what I want to do in this situation.  As a large
> veterinarian, my busy season is coming up and it makes my work a lot
> if I have two fully working hands :)
> Thanks,
> Chance
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