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RE: [IP] I'm pumping...

  Kathleen, Animas has the "Adult Waist-it" ID 100-026 and it is a soft 
piece of material that goes around you with a pouch for the pump. Since 
it is
soft, it doesn't bother you like other materials would. I'm using it to 
hold my

Sounds interesting, maybe after I lose a few pounds.  I'm thinking 
about the sleeping tee, on the Animas site.

to, ok? As to your RSL, have you seen your doctor about that? My neuro 
has me on
Mirapex for that and it has helped. I bypassed the CPAP and went for 
surgery, I
am EXTREMELY claustophobic...the surgery worked. Liz

Yep!  Mirapex is a lovely little drug, just makes me nervous that the 
on label usage is for Parkinson's.

Having two beagles lay on your legs help that too.  I always have two 
little beagle girls and they train themselves to do that OR get kicked 
out of bed.
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