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[IP] I'm pumping...

It's my first morning after the pump.

Last night, I was so tired, so overwhelmed by the events of the last 
weeks, when we finished pump training, my response was "well", and a 
neutral one at that.

I had been very anxious all day being without any type of basal 
insulin.  I was expecting a whirring, clicking little beast, and it was 
absolutely silent.  So that was weird.  I was just numb tired.

It was so bad, I couldn't really think last night, yet at the same time 
couldn't sleep -- I have a myriad of sleeping disorders (sleep apnea, 
restless leg to start), and bad nights -- the ones with no A/C just 
mean more bad nights, even when the situation gets good.

However, after taking a sleeping pill I was finally able to shut down 
and sleep.  Alarm clock at 3:00, quick test and rolled over and back to 
sleep.  Wasn't sure if I needed to do anything, it was 82, but I felt 
fine -- felt stable.

Woke up at 4:30 -- I've been doing THAT a lot lately, and managed to 
stay in bed until 5:00.  However, I don't feel groggy like I usually 
do.  It typically takes me a good hour before I can function.  BS is at 
85, typically I wake with sugar between 120-140.  Bet that's a primary 
cause of the grogginess.

Pump doesn't bother me at all to sleep, but then again, I'm hooked up 
to a CPAP and humidifer, so how bad could the pump be.  I think I do 
want to get a couple of pajamas, and a couple of pairs of cotton pants 
for around the house.  On the thinking stage.

I really like the following (and this is the Animas software):
Being able to put in food in the database, and it tell me exactly how 
much bolus I need.
Being able to put in BS in the database, and it tell me how much 
correction I need.
And it putting that straight in the database.

I also like the reports, and my doctor did too, but that's the 
statistical voyeaur in me (I've actually formerly been accused of 
that).  I would like a tad more information in the reports.

I'll let you know how the day goes.
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