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[IP] Re: Stenosing Tenosynovitis ("Trigger Finger")

interesting, as tis topic has ben on the list for a day or so :)

i had the injections and they did not work so still had to do the
surgery...remember the injections affect BG bigtime!!  might ask surgeon
what he would do in your situation?

Michelle Schlight

whatever you do , do not leave them swollen too long, that makes it
worse..being swollen for long time periods

----- Original Message -----
> After going to the orthopaedic surgeon today, I was told that I have
> stenosing tenosynovitis or what is commonly known as "trigger finger".  I
> have it in my thumb on my left hand.  I have the opitions of having
> injections to try and relieve the situation or have a small surgery to
> release the thickening around the thumb joint and tendon.  Has anyone on
> list had this and if so, did you have the injections or surgery?  What was
> the outcome, how was the procedure and how is the finger now?
> I'm trying to decide what I want to do in this situation.  As a large
> veterinarian, my busy season is coming up and it makes my work a lot
> if I have two fully working hands :)
> Thanks,
> Chance
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