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[IP] RE: Results of Patricia's Tests(sorry very long)

Dear Jana,
  I may or may not have diabetic gastroparesis. Last summer around this time I
was hospitalized for 10 days with uncontrolled vomiting. When I was released
they didn't know what caused it but on regular doses prior to each meal of
phenegran was able to keep down food. I could not keep anything down. They ended
up putting me on metlocrompride..can't remember the non generic name for
it...but it sounds like what they wanted to put your daughter on. This drug has
many side effects. After being discharged from the hospital I promptly switched
gastroenterologist. The one handling in the hospital was an asshole plain and
simple. Sorry for the bad language. I had mentioned the vomiting to him in June.
He informed me it was a passing thing. Changed my heartburn drug and did
nothing. Well spent the summer vomiting a lot. Very unpredicatable never knew
when it would happen.
  When I switched gastros he ended up doing a colonoscopy and endoscopy on me
again. They had done both in the hospital but not as complete a colonoscopy.
Ended up vomiting so much on the day of the colonoscopy we went to the ER and
was given two doses of Zofran and 1 of phenegran to finally stop the vomiting on
the empty stomach. The vomiting continued until they final switched me from the
phenegran to the zofran for the vomiting. Gastro didn't want to do the swap
initially because he has no other drug if the Zofran fails. According to the
Gastro I currently do not have gastroparesis, but am reacting to the pain meds
for the RSD, Reflex sympathetic Dystrophy, another long story. Well it is not an
option to stop the pain meds cause pain produces nausea in me. Endo tried this
in the hospital, but didn't give me enough pain meds. Poor nurses and substitute
endo on the day they dropped my pain meds. Didn't want to do what pain doc
recommended, a continuous epidural, because didn't know how long i would be in.
  Well currently the gastro has me on Zelnorm, which is a new drug for irritable
bowel disease, but works well in Diabetic gastro patients. I don't take the
Zelnorm cause really doesn't help anything. I just use the Zofran as needed.
They swapped my pain med to Methadone and diladid, incase it was an allergy to
the pain meds. I still have the nausea but no vomiting. I would recommend asking
about Zelnorm which is taken twice a day and has less side affects then the
metlocroprimide...whatever the non generic that is. If you have any questions
feel free to e-mail me.

  Wendy, Curley Blue, mm 508 pump, moe the meter and larry the lancer together
we are the four stooges.
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