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[IP] tegaderm WAS i.v. prep or not?

well, first, i messed up, with the spelling.... it tEgaderm... not tagaderm

its this very cool very very thin plastic (nearly cellophane like ) material
(made by 3m)

its very sticky, but, unlike a bandaid, it comes of, with NO pain
(its also, a little costly)...

i THINK, you can put it down (which might be as large as 2" x 2" , and 
insert the inf-set, through it,
BUT, i simply put it over it....
of course, when i need to disconnect, i can (sometimes) peel it back, but 
most of the time,
its "use once"....

first, you peel of the back, stick it, then, peel a band off, on the OUTSIDE...

FROM a web site:
Tegaderm consists of a thin polyurethane membrane coated with a layer of an 
acrylic adhesive.

sorry for the long url...(or is that a "ULLY")  its the one FROM 3M:


goto www.3m.com, and search for tegaderm
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