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[IP] :MM on line school, Personal Information trusted sites

Pumpers and Friends,
    Personal Information I do not give out. I only give my true info to a
trusted site... and they are very little... for me only 3 that have the full
true info. So what do I do if I want to look at something or website? For me
I have madeup 3 ID's that I join or signup with... one is for diabetic
sites, one is for GI sites, and the last is for computer info.  How do I do
it, well there is Yahoo, Lycos, hotmail and  others. And my ID for each one
is written so I will know if the info is given out, yes there are way to
back track where a person send the info from, but for most places the cost
is to great to check. If a site logs all the people who come to the site and
takes the time to check them they can learn if the info is good or bad or
where it came from. My sister had a problem with someone taking her info/ID
and it cause her many problems, but because her OM had setup the server for
her and did log and save and knew how too search them. They were able to
back trace the person and the FBI made a visit to the persons house and they
sued both the person and the ISP that it happen on.

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> On 8/21/03 12:48 PM, "probent" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar
> typing skills by writing:
> > Jenny,
> >      While it may be standard language, MM wanted too much information
> > was too lose with my privacy- so I didn't go any further at their new
> > school. Because of that I have to ask you if the training material is
> > different from the workbook that comes (or came) with the (Paradigm and
> > others) new pumps?
> Not that much of a difference, I thought though, for those who may be
> somewhere away from their books, or say: a new, soon to be pumper who may
> want to have a look at the running of just one of the 4 pumps out there,
> might have been of some help.
> If you worry about privacy, make sure you see the little Padlock (closed)
> a webpage. This means the site is secure, like the one folks can make
> contributions to IP on... If you don't see that 'lock' then call the
> toll-free number and tell them you distrust the site. It is all down to us
> whether or not to give info.
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