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Re: [IP] PPD

I wanted to interject about PPD, despite being a male.  :-)

Too often PPD is used when in reality one is experiencing what is commonly 
 known as "baby blues". MOST women experience a degree if baby blues, but often
call it post partum depression.

I can assure you that baby blues is NOT the same as PPD.  My wife has 
experienced for each of her pregnancies PPD...and in one case was to dangerous 
levels.  She required anti-depressants, and was barely struggling just to make 
through each day without, literally, going insane.

PPD is EXTREMELY dangerous and should be taken seriously.  If you are jokingly 
referring to being moody, etc., after your pregnancy, I would pretty much 
 assume it isn't truly PPD, but a case of the baby blues. I can assure you that
I feared for the life of my wife and child during her PPD, and the result was 
 that, for our second child, I found some friends to take our oldest child for a
couple of weeks during they day so that my wife could "keep it together".  

After about 2 months, she finally came out of PPD.  

I'm not trying to minimize baby blues.  It is a "natural" side effect to the 
 body's return to a "non-pregnant state". I just like to educate people on what
PPD truly is.

In fact, I think baby blues was intended to be a healthy thing.  In the past, 
 baby blues forced a women to stay home more, and rely on the help of family and
friends.  This allowed the body to heal faster, as well as improve "bonding" 
with the child.  In today's society, though, you are expected to get back to 
your normal, busy self on your own, which shows itself as baby blues and in 
some cases, PPD.


>PPD - Post partum depression - Thanks for all the answers everyone - I've even
>been there and done that - just have never heard it referred to as PPD before!
>Just remember "This too shall pass" - it just doesn't pass near fast enough
>when it is happening to you!  :-)
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