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RE: [IP] Started the pump yesterday

Congratulations and you'll get used to it quickly. I'm going to get more
slacks with pockets as I find that more comfortable. Also, I purchased some
cotton night clothes that have pockets in them as well. Before long you
won't know you have it one. You'll also be sleeping much better pretty


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Background for those of you who don't remember my intro post -- I am
currently 13 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby, and am a Type 2
diabetic who has been controlling with insulin since about three
months before we conceived.  My CDE and OB/GYN both recommended the
pump to me, and after a little wrangling with insurance, I finally
got started yesterday.

So far so good!  I'm still a little bit uncomfortable with having
this pager-like thing hanging off my waistband all the time -- it
keeps wanting to pull my shorts down!  And sleeping last night was
interesting too, as I kept worrying that I was going to get tangled
in the tubing.  It went OK, though.

As far as BGs, I've been a lot more stable than I was on insulin
shots.  Last night before dinner I was at 91.  That's the first time
in weeks that I've seen a pre-dinner number over 75.  I'm so used to
going hypo before dinner that I almost cried with relief, seeing that
91.  All my postprandial numbers have been great, too.  Nothing over
130 at the 1-hour mark.  I'm hoping the good numbers continue.

The only thing is that I did wake up this morning hypo, with a 47.  I
conferred with my CDE on the phone, and she recommended lowering my 8
PM - 6 AM basal rate slightly (went from .75 to .6) and we'll see how
it goes tonight.

So overall, I'm loving the bg control and the freedom from injections
(no more stupid NPH!) but I'm still not sure about having this thing
stuck to me 24/7.  I think ultimately it's worth it, it's just a lot
to get used to.

Type 2, pumping since 8/20/03
pregnant with 2nd baby, due Feb. 04
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