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RE: [IP] results from Patricia's tests and a question

 --- On Thu 08/21, Jana < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Jana [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
Undisclosed-Recipient:;@excite.comDate: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:55:56 -0300Subject:
[IP] results from Patricia's tests and a questionWe just got a call from the
hospital on Patricia's gastro emptying MRI donelast week. It shows she does have
some gastro paralysis (excuse my spelling )or neuropathy of the stomach. But at
this time, it is not considered severe.They have recommended going 2 routes.One
is to ignore and do nothing and see where it goes from here. I haveproblems with
that as should we not consider doing something to try to help itand stop the
crazy wild swings we see with her blood sugars and her havingceliac disease and
needing those denser harder to digest gluten free foods.Second was to start her
on a drug program that the name this drug has simplyleft my mind.She would have
to have this every day 30 minutes before each mealand at bed time.
 Jana, I have gastroparesis and IBS...talk about a heck of a combination! My IBS
is the more severe of the two. I'm a type II and went on insulin because of the
two. It also helps that I'm an adult and can accept/manage my own eating habits.
Now, with all that said, I'm not sure which way YOU would feel would be best for
your daughter. 1) It depends on how old she is. Since I am new to the list, I
don't know how old she is. 2) If she is older, it depends on how she feels about
taking a pill 4 times a day. Would she remember, would you? I did find out the
information on that medication. I had to find a list of all possible routes and
it's not the only medication possible. Here is the url listing that info:
http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/gastroparesis/index.htm I pulled
up the drug on the Webmd database and I didn't like what I was reading there. If
it were MY daughter, I'd be real tempted to find a way to adjust the insulin
doses to ride them out. I know I do. I!
  don't take anything for either the gastroparesis or the IBS. With the pump,
you have the ability to delay some of the insulin going in with an extended
bolus (at least that is what the Animas pump calls it). But that is MY .02
worth, ok? She is your daughter. Anyway, there is the url on the info. I hope it
helps. Liz

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