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Re: [IP] RE: Alternate site testing

In a message dated 08/17/2003 1:32:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Im not trying to promote one meter over another. just stating my 
> experience.
> i started with the ultra... it IS very fast... one of the reasons, is the 
> very second, it sees
> the first bit of blood, it starts timing... IF the little canal, is not 
> full, within the 5 seconds,
> the strip is trashed... i have thrown away hundreds of them.
> i have been very unsuccessful, at "BB king" testing, with the ultra..
> (ive also been very unsuccessful, at playing guitar like BB, but, thats a 
> whole other story)
> Therasense (freestyl), seems to have taken an entirely different 
> approach,....
> it will NOT start timing, until it detect the quality of blood, required to 
> perform a test...
> I have been VERY successful, using the back of my wrist....
> (funny thing is, when people see me do this, they THINK of the ultra, just 
> because of the BB King commercial) (who says advertising doesnt work ??)
> Accuracy... i cant speak of that, but, it does appear, that no 2 meters, 
> (even 2 of the same brand),  never  seem to agree... it certainly is close 
> enough, so it seems, for my needs, and I dont seem to have any problems, 
> related to "delays caused by WHERE im testing".....
Len I am in agreement with you about BB. I just got a new Tracker from 
 Therasense. I am still using fingers, but have used the heal of my hand and
will try
other sites down the road. I have used the Precision xtra for the last 4 or 5 
years. I could not believe the speed and size of blood drop. I find my xtra 
is 15 to 20 points higher. I will check it to a lab next time I go to Joslin. 
Roger C
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