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[IP] results from Patricia's tests and a question


We just got a call from the hospital on Patricia's gastro emptying MRI done
last week. It shows she does have some gastro paralysis (excuse my spelling )
or neuropathy of the stomach. But at this time, it is not considered  severe.

They have recommended going 2 routes.

One is to ignore and do nothing and see where it goes from here. I have
problems with that as should we not consider doing something to try to help it
and stop the crazy wild swings we see with her blood sugars and her having
celiac disease and needing those denser harder to digest gluten free foods.

Second was to start her on a drug program that the name this drug  has simply
left my mind.She would have to have this every day 30 minutes before each meal
and at bed time.

I have no experience at all in this field  and so wondered if you knew of this
type of treatment of giving drugs before the meals and  how things seem to go
with that. Any real information from experiences and not just medical clinical
type books would so be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Jana Church
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