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RE: [IP] Need Help Information

 --- On Thu 08/21, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Thu,
21 Aug 2003 09:57:55 -0400Subject: [IP] Need Help InformationToday I was
approached at work by a mother of man who was just recentlydiagnosed with some
form of diabetes.She explained the circumstance as follows, her son has been
dropping weightconsistently for the last 3 months, eighty five pounds so far. He
had beenurinating all the time and was constantly thirsty. She told him that
heneeded to go to the doctors and get checked out. Now keep in mind that heis
unemployed and has no health insurance and is 44 years old. He did go tothe
doctors on a day that is called free clinic day up here in Maine. Afterdoing
some blood work on him they found his blood sugar to be in the high300's. Now
they want to run a fasting blood sugar test on him next week todetermine where
he stands. I guess to determine T1 or T2.The question I have is what kind of
assistance can he find state wise orfederal to help with h!
  is treatment. He is out pounding the pavement lookingfor work that can offer
him insurance but no luck so far. Now also keep inmind that the waiting period
usually from date of hire is three months tothe start of insurance coverage. Any
ideas on what he should do? His mom isreally worried that by the time he gets a
job and insurance it will be tolate. Michael
 Michael, from experience, he is most likely a type II. I dropped 45 lbs in the
year before diagnosis. My diabetes had gotten that bad. Even tho the year
before, my fbg was normal during a physical exam. It went from 120 to 265 within
ONE year. Here is what Rick Mendosa says and he is a writer for Diabetes
Forecast, the magazine of the ADA. "The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes develop
gradually and are not as noticeable as for Type 1. The symptoms include feeling
tired or ill, frequent urination (especially at night), unusual thirst, weight
loss, blurred vision, frequent infections and slow healing of sores. Many people
without any of these symptoms, however, are surprised when their doctors
diagnose that they have diabetes." http://www.mendosa.com/whatis.htm Notice that
weight loss is listed as one of the markers.
 As to the insurance/job issue. He will not be covered by his employer's health
ocerage for a minimum of 2 years by a majority of health plans under a clause
called *previous conditions* and there are some that will never cover him and
will be allowed to legally get away with it since he has been without coverage
for over 60 days. His diabetes may have to be covered under a free clinic from
this point on. Good luck and I hope he finds a job. These are hard times.Liz

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