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[IP] Re: arrgghh!!!!!/Diabetes and Hospital Staff


Good for you (putting foot down), we all need to be advocates, AND often we
need others (in this case your hubby) to help in the advocay/training of
others  :-)

Eventually there are poelw whom you  have gotten 'trained' and they don't
even try to lead you astray, they just accept that you are the 'difficult
patient' adn even though they haven't learned squat, they end up doing what
we need anyway!!

I would imagine that this surgery will have better recovery, esp if the BG
levels are where they 'belong'

----- Original Message -----

> Well I did it!!!!  I put my foot down and took a stand.  I had a
>  in January, first surgery with my pump. I was told to remove my pump and
I was
> a good little patient and said, well, ok, I guess you know what you are
>  doing. Came out of surgery with BS of 400+ and spent the next 24 hours
> to
> get it back down.   I'm having my other eye done this coming Monday, and
>  endo said "Do not remove your pump, you are just going to have to put
your foot
> down Karen and tell them NO."    So I talked with my Retina specialist and
> said talk to anestheology (sp?) dept., so I called the number and left a
> message.  Got a call back and told her the whole long story, including how
>  willing to drop my basil while under, blah blah blah, just don't
> She
>  says hold on, comes back on the phone and says Dr. so and so says you can
> your pump on, I said great.  Then I asked her if my sugars are checked
> I'm under and how often, being as I'm out of it while in surgery.  She
told me
> to talk to the anesthiologist the morning of surgery, she didn't know.
> I know that I'm not the only diabetic getting this type of surgery, you'd
>  think they would know how to handle diabetics during a vitrectomy!!! So
my plan
> is to talk to the anestheologist the morning of and to have my hubby ask
> my BS every hour or so, just in case someone forgets that I'm a diabetic
> while I'm out.
> Karen
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