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Re: [IP] AAAA Batteries (was AAA Batteries)

>Where do you live?????  The AAA batteries are a common size battery.  They
>would be in with the AA batteries.  I buy them at Home Depot in BULK (I think
>I got 50 batteries for $15.00 (Energizer Max) and they were right up at the
>checkout by all the other batteries.  I don't think I have been in a store
>where they don't have that size battery?

Radio Shack is the only place that I am familiar with that does 
commonly have the

           A  A  A  A    Batteries   (4 A's)

>Also, if the batteries are dead, where
>would I find AAAA batteries, I have looked at the >grocery store and
>Wal-Mart,>Target, Circuit City... with no luck.
>Radio Shack  has them.
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