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Re: [IP] Re: arrgghh!!!!!/Diabetes and Hospital Staff

My most recent hospital experiences -- three tendon sheath releases for
trigger fingers -- give the other side of this situation. My surgeon had
already told me to talk with the gasman about the IV, pump, and BG levels,
that all she wanted to do was deal with the finger(s) and let her team
handle the other "details"!

Each time, I told the anesthesiologist that I wanted a saline solution in my
IV. I asked where he wanted my BG level to be, and was more than a little
surprised when he said anywhere around 80! I thought that was a little low,
even for a short outpatient operation, so I shot for 100.

I had absolutely no grief from anyone about my testing myself  and keeping
my pump operational before, during and after.

For the record, I've had both ring fingers, and my right thumb released. The
left thumb and index finger are already in clicking mode, so it won't be
long till I get them done. Also for the record, I've learned that there's
such a thing as trigger toe!! Given my track record thus far, I'll probably
end up getting all 10 released.

If this is the only complication I have, I'll be delighted, and so far, so

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