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Re: [IP] unsupportive wife

Trish, i have read all the replies to this subject, i have tried to think
of a sensible
reply but i think you have said it for me.


At 04:15 PM 8/20/03 -0500, you wrote:
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>Question - What is "PPD" that everyone keeps referring to.  (Probably the
>obvious - but I can't figure it out).
>Some of you say your spouse was/was not supportive.  I have had my pump 3
>years - actually my husband pretty much still has NO CLUE what is actually
>does/does not do.  I sure would not have asked him if I should/should not get
>a pump.  It is MY body and I wanted a pump, so therefore I got one.  I
guess I
>never even thought about giving him an option of whether or not HE thought I
>should have one.  HE is not wearing it; HE does not have diabetes.  Maybe
>seems strange, but it only made and still makes sense to me.  Unless it is a
>money issue, etc. I don't think it should really be an issue with anyone else
>except the person wearing it.  My two daughters, ages 17 and 19, both
>understand it and what it does (even though they would have no idea how to
>actually run it).  My husband is about as clueless about the pump as my 70
>year old parents (they STILL wonder why I have lows with a pump - why doesn't
>the pump just check your blood and shut itself off they say - don't get me
>started on that one - it has been explained to them MANY TIMES).  Anyway, my
>husband IS smart enough about it to know that it does NOT check my blood
>(I think that came from him listening to me ranting about how my parents will
>NEVER catch on).  LOL
>Anyway - I say - If YOU want a pump, then YOU should get one.  You will be
>quite able to take care of yourself all by yourself with the pump.  Help
>be nice - BUT - YOU CAN DO IT ALONE.   I guess I am a perfectionist type
>person so I never trusted anyone to help me with my diabetes anyway, so maybe
>that is why I feel this way.  Whatever - it works for me!  Sorry to Ramble!
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