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[IP] Re: arrgghh!!!!!/Diabetes and Hospital Staff

Amazing, isn't it, that 'trained' hospital staff know so little about
diabetes :(

I had surgery for my wrists, and came to the outpatient check in with my
meter, and kept checking my BG levels  ('honey you don't have to do that,
we'll take care of that') and made sure they were stable (under 150, but not
under 100)

One of the nurses (prepping) says 'oh, you have diabetes? ' (Duh, it is on
my chart, on the admitting wristband, loud color like allergies to meds!!)
but she notices becuase i have a meter and am using it...she starts to talk
about how people with diabetes don't heal as well, etc

I told her that I had a goal of keeping the BG 100-160, because it was the
*high* BG that kept things from healing after surgery, not having diabetes
itself, etc.  That I do not have (yet) circulation troubles, and that I
expected them to monitor my BG levels...The anesthesiologist came in about
this time, as they were starting the IV, and they changed to saline, not
glucose (yeah) as he agreed that the highs were a big culprit in healing,
and that it was amazing to see a patients who cared, etc.

Another nurse (there were many in and out)  made a comment that they saw
lots of people with diabetes and that so many of them seemed to check their
Diabetes at the door, expecting it to take care of itself;   She mentioned
that they saw lots of older patients and that maybe they didn't really
understand the relationship between control and health....

The doctor showed up and mentioned that they were taught to keep BG under
200, and I asked him if 160 would work, since mine was stable and had been
that way for several hours, and he 'tried it'.......later, he was also
amazed at how well I healed, 'since you have had diabetes over 30 years'

I have another diabetes horror story about sinus surgery from about that
time, as well, different hospital, different crew, same mentality (BG under
200)  <reads like same story, different chapter!!>

Michelle Schlight
dx 1968 age 11
wrist surgery for DeQuervain's and trigger thumbs/fingers nearly 4 yrs ago
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