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[IP] unsupportive wife

Question - What is "PPD" that everyone keeps referring to.  (Probably the
obvious - but I can't figure it out).

Some of you say your spouse was/was not supportive.  I have had my pump 3
years - actually my husband pretty much still has NO CLUE what is actually
does/does not do.  I sure would not have asked him if I should/should not get
a pump.  It is MY body and I wanted a pump, so therefore I got one.  I guess I
never even thought about giving him an option of whether or not HE thought I
should have one.  HE is not wearing it; HE does not have diabetes.  Maybe that
seems strange, but it only made and still makes sense to me.  Unless it is a
money issue, etc. I don't think it should really be an issue with anyone else
except the person wearing it.  My two daughters, ages 17 and 19, both
understand it and what it does (even though they would have no idea how to
actually run it).  My husband is about as clueless about the pump as my 70
year old parents (they STILL wonder why I have lows with a pump - why doesn't
the pump just check your blood and shut itself off they say - don't get me
started on that one - it has been explained to them MANY TIMES).  Anyway, my
husband IS smart enough about it to know that it does NOT check my blood sugar
(I think that came from him listening to me ranting about how my parents will
NEVER catch on).  LOL

Anyway - I say - If YOU want a pump, then YOU should get one.  You will be
quite able to take care of yourself all by yourself with the pump.  Help might
be nice - BUT - YOU CAN DO IT ALONE.   I guess I am a perfectionist type
person so I never trusted anyone to help me with my diabetes anyway, so maybe
that is why I feel this way.  Whatever - it works for me!  Sorry to Ramble!

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