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[IP] My contribution is on the way

Sitting on our driveway Saturday morning was a child's car seat, waiting to be
purchased at our garage sale.  Funny, it brought tears to my eyes.  No, I am
not reminiscing my son's earliest years, but remembering a very important day
in his life . . . in all our lives.  A day when he was sitting in that car
seat, and I took a photograph, knowing that everything was about to change.

We were on our way back from Children's Hospital and he had just started
pumping insulin.

The decision to put him on an insulin pump, the information and insight needed
to do so the best way I could, and the support to go through with it came
mostly from what I learned from this group.  I researched, emailed, made
calls, and prayed.  And then I refused to take "no" as an answer, switched to
a professional who supported my decision, and dove right in.  Zachary was only
two years old.

Thank you for everything you (all of you) do to improve the lives of those
with diabetes.  Thank you for improving the lives of those who care for
children and adults with diabetes.  I am embarassed that I have gained so much
from this group, but this is only my first financial contribution.  While I
have spoken many times of the benefits of Insulin-Pumpers, verbal support is
not enough to make sure the organization continues.

My contribution is on the way.  I wrote the check, smiling, while Zachary
laughed and played in the other room.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jonelle Davis

Mom to Zachary, dxd. at 13 mos. of age, pumping for over two years now!
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