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In a message dated 8/20/2003 10:41:57 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> It appears her  eyesight was saved by this surgery (chiara).

Spelling Correction:  It is Chiari.  :)

I checked the Chiari website (that we both belong to) to see if Beverly had 
posted any update there, and she has not.  I pray that things are improving.

Unfortunately there is no cure for Chiari.  Surgery is done to try to stop 
the progression of symptoms.  The only 2 treatments for Chiari is pain 
management and brain surgery.

We are currently going the pain management route with my 16 y/o, but our 
neurosurgeon said that if she continues to "be a little worse" with our next 
recheck (in 6 months), then he would recommend decompression surgery (brain 

You can help Mary, my daughter, and everyone else who has Chiari or 
 Syringomyelia, just by saving cancelled postage stamps.......this small effort
money for research funding and education....to someday find a cure or at least 
better treatment for this illness.  (I will get off my soapbox now....... 

  Julie   (please save your cancelled postage stamps.  Leave a 1/4-1/2 inch
           border around the stamps and mail them to:
           Mr Maynard Guss    9593 NW 26th Place  Sunrise, FL  33322.
           Please indicate these stamps are for ASAP.
          This is an on-going fund-raiser for an organization called ASAP.
  <A HREF="www.asap4sm.org">www.asap.org</A> My daughter has Chiari, a rare
brain disorder)
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