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Sorry to hear about your not getting the support from your wife. Could
she be a bit overwhelmed with a new baby and you want to change

Do your research on the pump with both the pros and the cons. Present it
to her as slowly as you need.

I would include in the Pros that the better you control your diabetes
the greater your life quality and length will increase to be around for
college graduations, wedding etc. I grow old with her. 

No doctor gets commission for placing a patient on a pump and at least
in the beginning and making basal adjustment with phone calls, faxes,
emails your doctor has to do extra work then staying with the same.

As for the embarrassment. She if your pump rep can loan you one. They
are small and if you choose the black or grey ones they are often
mistaken for pagers. 

She may be feeling overwhelmed with a new baby to "learn" everything
that goes into operating and using a pump but if you limited it at first
to the must need to know then add on to that the other stuff.

It is an adjustment for both of you but a good one in the long run. Is
there a sibling, friend or someone else that can be your cheerleader and

Gail Donohue
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