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Your description of your family doctor reminds me of something my
grandfather would have done with his patient's husbands. My grandfather
was an OB/Gyn that originally graduated and did his internship in
psychiatry then when to Europe during the middle to end of WWI came home
and redid his internship to deliver babies. Even though there weren't
the specialist that there are now he was always referred cases that
needed counseling for losses and other things.

One day our old family doctor called me and ask me to come in to see 
him. I did he told me the wife had come in for a check up and thought he

had better let me know everything was fine but she had PPD, he gave her 
some 'pills' that might work  and he had something for me!  Pulled out a

bottle and we both sat there and had a couple of drinks  .  He told me 
women were strange, -- pregant women were worse and new mothers were 
even more so!:)
How right he was/is
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