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[IP] Re: Site Availability


     Well I am surprised. As I remember it scar tissue does not have the
same blood flow as non-scared tissue. The canula is going to eventually
irritate ( like a splinter) and a rejection action is bound to form as the
body starts to wall off a foreign body. But I don't know if this increases
the scar volume. Even so,Artorius's point that 3 days will do more damage
than 3 seconds is at work. That you can successfully do 21 years worth of
caanula probes exclusively on the abdomen means that I need to put some
light on my thinking.
    Now a key question: During the period of any kind of subcutaneous
insulin delivery were you taking any kind of anti-inflammatory meds ( such
as aspirin) for long periods of time?
    Thank you -all-I have found the responses to be very interesting.


> Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 13:17:51 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Kathy Fagan <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re:Site Availability
> Peter,
>  I have been pumping for nearly 21 years, and do not have site
> availability/absorbtion problems. I have used straight needle, bent needle,
> teflon canulas; I've experienced the tremendous tape-down procedures in the
 > early years with no disconnect option, to the ease and comfort of the QR
> The most difficult problems I had were comfort during my pregnancy with the
> straight needles (20 years ago - that baby girl of mine just wouldn't lie
> still!), and the occasional times I happen to try to insert in the area of my
> stretch marks. I should add that I have used my belly area exclusively during
> all my years of pumping. The longest "break" I've taken from pumping was one
> week, while I was waiting for a new pump; had trouble deciding whether I
 > to keep pumping, and thought I'd go back to injections for a brief time
> committed to a new pump - what a mistake!
>  I think the key is to rotate your sites regularly; I alternate from right to
> left of my belly button with each change, and keep at least 1 inch away from
 > last site on the same side. I will admit I have gone as long as 7 days
> changing sites when finances were difficult and my insurance coverage wasn't
> good as it is at present (easier to do with bent needles). My current routine
> to alternate sites every 3 days. YMMV.
> **************************************
> From: "probent" <email @ redacted>
> Elizabeth,
>     Would you please say more about the long term consequences of
> injections. Is this showing up as an absorption problem? Do the pump
> companies have any comments? Your experience tells me that there may be
> a
> time limit to using a pump. While that seems reasonable to me I have
> not
> heard any medical comments.
>     This seems like a dark corner in the pumping world.          Peter
>> Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 17:58:54 -0500
>> From: "Elizabeth Hanawalt" <email @ redacted>
>> The only other thing I would add to this list is that I've been
> pumping for
>> 13 years and the site availability is dwindling.  I know that there
> are
>> parts of my body that I can't use anymore and that's affecting my A1C
> and
>> that's really getting my frustrated.
>> Elizabeth
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