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Re: [IP] Re: might not be pumping after all!

Sharon, did MM make you sign a contract for this $991?  I would write a
letter to MM and send a copy of the EOB from my ins co and explain
things in writing.  I don't think they can make you pay more than the
negotiated rate that they have set up with your insurance company.  This
sounds like some sort of MM billing error to me and I'd make them prove
how they came up with the $991 figure.  I've had several MM billing
errors in the past couple years, so they certainly do happen.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> It is true they will tell you but when I got my MMed pump the Minimed
> company told me I would owe $991 which they would let me pay back at $25 per
> month interest free until paid or 1 year was over.  However when my  EOB
> arrived from Ins I only owed $662. and have NOT been able to get this
> straight.  I would definitely get something from Ins next time.  Sharon
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