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[IP] Exercise advice

Wasn't quite sure of my correct meal bolus tonight.  At 5:30 my bs was 185 
and I took 5 units to cover dinner (I use 1:15 ratio).  I also changed my site 
from one side of tummy to the other.

8:15 my bs is 267...... correction bolus of 2 units to bring down 100 points. 
(yes, there is still some humalog on board here from dinner).

8:45 hubby suggests going for a walk   bs is 272

Went for about a 35 minute walk around the neighborhood.  Get back at

9:30   bs is 91.

My bs is extremely sensitive to exercise.  I did not think it would drop that 
much.  Would those 2 units have kicked in that much, in that little amt of 
time?  As I said, my  site wasn't in my leg, it was in my tummy.

Other than yelling at my husband to "time it better".. if he wants to go for 
a walk, what other suggestions do you have.


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