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Re: [IP] Insertion Sets

> She recommends the cannulas that insert at an angle,
> but, the insertion needle on the one she showed me made me lightheaded
> looking at it!

They DO look intimidating, but it's really not bad at all.  I am a complete
needle freak and I don't have a problem inserting them without an inserter
(infact that silly inserter scares me more than the sets do!).  You also do
not need to insert the entire thing under the skin.  Someone else just
posted about that on a list (might have been this one) and I tried it with
my last set change, I left about 1/4" outside the skin (just to where I
could see where it went in through the "window" on the set tape) and it's
working GREAT.  It's right on my hip too, where the hip bone is, and I don't
have a lot of fat right there, but so far I'm more than three days into it
and it's doing fine.. I will probably change it out in the morning :)  This
tip is especially good for certain spots over a bone or just above muscle,
even inserting at a shallow angle I had some problems w/ irritation (with me
if the cannula hits muscle I don't necessarily get a "bad" site, I just get
a lot of soreness and swelling deep under the skin from it actually hitting
the muscle and bruising)

But, try a few out, for me the quicksets and sofsets didn't do a thing for
me, but I've been using Sils almost exclusively for a year and couldn't be
happier :)

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