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[IP] Thank You Everyone

I want to say a big Thank you to everyone from this site that has helped me in
the recent days, and days to come. You are a bunch of wonderful and caring
people. I am expecially thank full to Sylvia (mum to Joshua) for the Dtron+
that she is sending to me. Without her and her family's thoughtfulness, and
caring, I would not be able to become a pumper, or get my sugars under
control. (just got the results back from a A1c that was done a week ago and it
was 8.9 and that had OMG alot of Lows on it, but then also my metre also said
HI to me many times too.
Since you people here have helped me out way more than I can repay, I don't
really know what to say.
Since I have been a member, I have found that there are more people out there
that are fighting Medicare/Medicaide for adiquet diabetes supplies, and Now I
know that I am not the only one out here that has been through this with them.
Again Thank you, and I am sorry that this was so long, and unthoughtful of me
to make it long, but I wanted to speak my mind about what you have done for
me..,.. and I do not know how I could do it without you people here...

Many thanks to all,
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