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Re: [IP] Freestyle Meter

I have read the post from Freestyle users and how they like them. My
question is have you ever checked it against another meter or the reading
that they get at the Doctor's office? I have checked other meters against
each other and usually have readings ~10 of each other. I received a
Freestyle last year at a Health Fair. Used it on vacation and thought that
my readings were somewhat high. But, laid it to the travel and stress. When
we arrived home I was feeling low and checked and trading was 100. Rechecked
with my meter at home and reading was 40. Did check against the two meters
for a couple of days and the Freestyle was always 60-80 higher. I was
wondering if anyone else had noticed this? I checked with the Freestyle
people and they said if I ran a test and it was Ok that there meter was


> I would like to know how the users of the Freestyle meter find the
> consistency of the results.
> By that I am referring to back-to-back tests that result in values that
> aren't far apart, maybe only five points or so. I've had older meters, in
> the past, that when doing tests like this, could read as much as 80 points
> different, one test right after another. I use an Advantage meter so I
> absolutely no experience with the Freestyle.
> I participated in a study using various meters in preparation for an
> animal-validated meter and one of the meters I used was just awful, even
> myself. I did not use Freestyle as one of the study meters. If anyone
> if the Freestyle produces consistent results, without a doubt, I would
> appreciate this information. Also, I would like to know how much the
> cost. Thanks.
> Margo
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