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RE: [IP] Insertion Sets

I'm using the Ultraflex 8mm infusion sets and they are the straight-in kind.
I started on July 9th and have had two kinked cannulas, both my fault due to
inexperience. Other than that I've had little problems. I'm not overweight
but I'm not skinny either so they work fine. I think you will just have to
try them and decide for yourself. I do understand the intimidating feeling
though when one looks at those 3-foot long ones.....:)


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Subject: [IP] Insertion Sets

I will be getting my first pump next week (Deltec Cozmo).  I'm not sure
insertion set to use and would like to hear any comments/opinions anyone
might have.

I had first considered the straight in small cannula set (sorry, don't
 remember any of the official names for these). I'm pretty thin and the 6mm
 seemed the least intimidating to me. The CDE who is training me told me
experienced problems with kinking with the straight in sets when she bent
over.  She also reported that some people have a very difficult time
 disconnecting and reconnecting with these as there is some twisting of the
cannula that
occurs when this is done. She recommends the cannulas that insert at an
but, the insertion needle on the one she showed me made me lightheaded just
looking at it!  She is bringing me some of each of the above types to try.

I would appreciate any advice/comments anyone can provide.  Thanks!

Dx'd 6/03
Hopefully, pumping one week from today (well, saline at least)
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