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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm 512 Upgrade

Is there a time frame on that.  I got my 511 Dec. 27 but didn't get training
until Jan.13.  I'm in if at all possible.  Sharon
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Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 6:38 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm 512 Upgrade

> Speaking of upgrades, when i decided to go with MM, i was told that all
> future upgrades
> would be at no cost.  I AM GONNA HOLLER HERE>
> I met with my CDE last week and she is pissed, she was also told that all
> of the upgrades
> would be passed onto those who purchased the 511's.
> Its my understanding that this is not gonna happen, if you want them that
> are at an additional
> cost.
> Mimimed best be prepared, you cannot do this without suffering some sort
> a backlash.
> I intend to pursue this with them shortly.
> anyone else interested in some sort of unified effort...????????
> jimb
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> >The features which appeal to me mos about the "new" paradigm isn't the
> >corrections or the bolus wizard, but the finer basal rates, the ability
> >set temp basals in percentages (this is useful if you have as complex of
> >basal profile as I do!), and the ability to set alarms to remind me to
> >at a certain amount of time after a bolus.
> >
> >I probably will upgrade, but the meter feature isn't something I think I
> >would use.  That and I'm not even sure if the strips are covered under my
> >insurance because they do not show up in my insurance's online pharamacy
> >(Caremark/RxRequest).  I can calculate meal boluses and corrections with
> >accuracy (the only exceptions are when I miscalculate carbs, and this new
> >system won't help that),
> >
> >Sarah
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