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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm 512 Upgrade

Speaking of upgrades, when i decided to go with MM, i was told that all
future upgrades
would be at no cost.  I AM GONNA HOLLER HERE>

I met with my CDE last week and she is pissed, she was also told that all
of the upgrades
would be passed onto those who purchased the 511's. 

Its my understanding that this is not gonna happen, if you want them that
are at an additional

Mimimed best be prepared, you cannot do this without suffering some sort of
a backlash.

I intend to pursue this with them shortly.

anyone else interested in some sort of unified effort...????????


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>The features which appeal to me mos about the "new" paradigm isn't the
>corrections or the bolus wizard, but the finer basal rates, the ability to
>set temp basals in percentages (this is useful if you have as complex of a
>basal profile as I do!), and the ability to set alarms to remind me to test
>at a certain amount of time after a bolus.
>I probably will upgrade, but the meter feature isn't something I think I
>would use.  That and I'm not even sure if the strips are covered under my
>insurance because they do not show up in my insurance's online pharamacy
>(Caremark/RxRequest).  I can calculate meal boluses and corrections with 90%
>accuracy (the only exceptions are when I miscalculate carbs, and this new
>system won't help that),
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: