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RE [IP] Cons against pumping

>Just think, if you hadn't been on the pump, and were taking 4-5 injections 
>per day, you would have run out of sites 4 to 5 times faster.

sorry , but im gona' have to argue with that....
(now, ive not been pumping all that long, but i "sure as shootin'", have 
(HAD) been "shootin' that long")
(47 years. last wednesday, minus being on the pump, for 10 months)
i had some swelling, for sure, but i dont ever remember having any real scaring

i dont THINK, that the 3 seconds any needle is in you, cause 1/100 the 
scaring, that something
in you for 2 to 3 days, causes..... Just my own observation. (YMMV)

(And, if NOT a proponent of the pump, then McDonalds AINT a proponent of 
the hamburger)
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