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[IP] Re: might not be pumping after all!

From: Judi <email @ redacted>

"This is pretty strange that you can't find out.  I was able to find out
the contracted price from the insurance verifier at both MM and Deltec
when I was shopping for pumps."

Judy - I'm sorry my post wasn't clear.  It was my insurance company that
wouldn't tell me how much each would cost and whether they were in network
or not.  I felt that United HealthCare should be able to tell me so I don't
have to submit to each pump company to find out what my options are.  I
filled out the forms for MM and Deltec last night.  I know MM is in-network
so I would pay 10% of contracted amt. I only have $1500 out of pocket and I
will be close to that after the 2nd cataract surgery so basically it would
not cost me anything.  If Deltec is not in network, then I would pay 30% of
actual cost and would have to pay $3000 out of pocket to get to 100%, which
is not likely to happen this year!  This could be a big factor in my

Age 45, Type 1 almost 30 years, pumping 4 years with MM 507C
and daughter Melinda, age 19, Type 1 - 9 months on MDI, who went with me to
look at pumps and give her opinion but didn't get excited about having a
pump for herself!
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