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My husband is unsupportive, but when I realized that the pump would benefit
me I just did it.  He does know how to disconnect and I do use the sets that
release at the site because he does not like the fact that I have something
hooked to me.  After 2 years he does see that he does not have to wake up at
night and tell me to check my BS as often as he used to (he gets much more
sleep) he has not had to call 911 for over 1 1/2 years now and that is a
major improvement all my glucogon kits are now starting to expire instead of
being used and that is good.  He has seen the benefits and likes them he
just does not like the idea that I am hooked to something, but knows that it
is good for me and basically holds his tongue and just looks on tolerantly
while I tell anyone who will listen to me about my cool new toy and how it
would help them or someone they know live better lives.  I think that he has
accepted that this is going to be part of me until (or if) they ever find a
cure.  (yes, yes I know it will be here in 5 years.)  I also told him what
one IPer wrote "This is my electronic pancreas" he was ready to fight me on
that statement but I reminded him that it was to closest thing I had to a
working one.  I don't know if any of this will help you or not but this is
just my experience it may be different for you. I also waited until my
youngest was 3 1/2 before venturing to the pump.

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