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[IP] Re: Paradigm 512 Upgrade

dear sarah and shawna
i've been on the 512 for a whole hour and a half now <g> and i can tell you
the month long fight with my insurance company to upgrade my 508 a year early
has been worth it.  i cannot believe how many questions it asks me just to
give a bolus! lol! but this is a good thing- it does all the calculations for
me so when i go into work tomorrow it will no longer take me 5 minutes of math
to eat. :)
the percentage of temp basal, smaller .05 increments, bolus wizard, help doing
the unused insulin rule, the formula for a bolus when you're UNDER your target
range (i didn't even know that existed before today!),the "talking meter",the
bg reminder and the personal alarms, the new way to do square and dual wave
bolus ( i *always* screw those up) are factors that made me want to upgrade.i
went from a 508 so i had to pay the whole fee- if even some of those options
interest you, imho i'd say upgrade for $450. and yes, when your three years
are up they will have more features but you can upgrade every year if you
really want to :)

sarah, the strips ARE covered by Caremark/rxrequest - i have the same
company.(of course, this depends upon your own plan, but they are offered).
no, they are NOT on their website- i had to call and ask. they're being
shipped to me now.

the ONLY problem i'm having is a mental one. i can't get used to NO CLICKING.
in my head, clicking= pump is working so you can stay alive. now i have to
keep reminding myself that i'm still getting insulin but there's no comforting
"click". my analogy for the day is if you went into your trusty car and turned
the key in the ignition and suddenly NOTHING happened- no hum, no motor noise,
no vibration, nothing. how would you know if the car started until you pushed
on the gas? :) i know i'll adjust, just be warned.

and thanks everyone for their instructions on replacing the reservoir! they
really helped and i had no problems.

this is just my experience..... ymmv.

leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00
mm508 9/00
512 TODAY!
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