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Re: [IP] weekend carb counting

It's not your carb ratio, it is your basal insulin on the weekends which is
probably wrong.  You are on UL I think...right?  For me I have two different
basal patterns.  One for the week and one for the weekend.  I need more
insulin on the weekends because I am not on my feet as much (I teach), and I
sleep in until 11am instead of up at 5am.  If you might be going on the pump
soon you might want to take a deep breath and realize you can't expect the
same results using UL or Lantus because they are more contant basal rates
throughout the whole day and don't have the flexibility that the pump does.
For me, I need a lot more insulin while I am sleeping, than I do when I am
awake.  Which made UL impossible for me (went on pump before Lantus).

Also, you need to experiment with the same meal at least three times at the
same time of day to have enough data to make a good estimate.  There are all
sorts of factors to make it fail one time and be perfect the next.  Take a
deep breath, relax, and don't stress so much.

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80 pump 12/99
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